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Monday, February 19, 2007
  CNN cannot even frame sentences!

Leave about the 'dog died' and 'cat saved' news that CNN gives as their First page Front line headings....what can we say about their english; they don't even frame their sentences correctly.
Friday, February 16, 2007
  Quotable Quotes
"My convictions of peace and life go beyond any government and political agenda and as long as I have a voice onstage and offstage, I will always condemn war and those who promulgate it," Martin said about his action in an e-mail statement sent to The Associated Press via a spokesman.

Ricky Martin on showing his finger to Bush
Wednesday, February 07, 2007
  Is andhra CM YSR modern day Muhammad Ghazni?
Below is an email forward that I got from one of my friends....

Anyone who looks at what is happening to Hindu institutions in Andhra Pradesh will very soon realize their systematic destruction. Starting from attempt to grab of 5 out of 7 Tirumala hills for Church and tourism, blow up of 1000 pillar mandapam in temple, his son blow up of Hindu temple to the sale of literally thousands of acres of temple lands that belonged to temples for thousands of years. This in spite of high court stay order. He is planning to sponsor a hockey tournament in his parents name with TTD funds. His contempt for Hindus and Hindu institutions is hardly hidden.

At the same time, he is making state treasury available for building and renovating churches as well as mosques. Does Hindus sentiments matter? Does he not care to grab power for next election? It is all thought out. With 20% muslims and 17-20% christian population by the time of elections, combined with Hindu apathy and ignorance and finances from Missionaries he is guaranteed to win again. As far as he is considered, Hindu vote hardly matters. He is creating a model for the rest of the country. He is the pioneer for the missionaries.

Is history repeating itself? Are Hindus going to wait and see while all Hindu temples and institutions destroyed and stripped of any financial basis. Do hindus see through the holocaust of Hindu culture using the same tactics of Nazis where they deprived of all economic basis of jews before wiping them out? Hindus who are complacent should take a look at what happened in history and what is happening in muslim and christian dominated areas in our country and elsewhere.

What happened before?

1) Portuguese inquisition is one of the bloodiest in history on those did not convert or not true to Church dictates. Cutting of male's genitals and woman's breasts are some of the punishments given.

2) Muslim rulers were ruthless and converted many by force. Hindu Kush derives its name from mass killings that runs into millions. Their practices include slitting throats to kill. (It is their belief the severe pain while dying during the draining of blood, similar to what they do to animals, will redeem the sins for being a infidel). Just one cold night 100,000 Hindu slaves killed during reign of Timur Lenk (1398-99).

3) 50,000 Hindus killed in one attack on Somanth temple by Ghazni. On Feb 24, 1568, Akbar ordered to kill 30,000 captured Rajput Hindus.

4) The increase of lower castes from 1% to 15% is said to have occurred during Muslim rule when higher castes accepted that status of 'dhimmi' as punishment for refusing to convert.

5) It is now acknowledged that Gypsies in Europe have originated as Hindu Slaves brought by Muslim expeditions to India. Many were killed in Nazi holocaust.••

In words of Francois Gautier, "Let it be said right away: the massacres perpetrated by Muslims in India are unparalleled in history, bigger than the holocaust of the Jews by the Nazis; or the massacre of the Armenians by the Turks; more extensive even than the slaughter of the South American native populations by the invading Spanish and Portuguese." American historian Will Durant said, "The islamic conquest of India is probably bloodiest in history".

Wonder why we were not taught these in India when Germany made teaching about holocaust compulsory. It is false belief of likes of Nehru that this will create tension. Do you know who did Nehru put in charge of education who decided what the Indian children should learn? It is a Muslim who completely brain washed all Indians. History taught properly will only help us to not to repeat it, otherwise we will learn the same lesson over again.

What about what is happening now?

1) Thondi and Rasathipuram Muncipalities (in Ramanathpuram and vellore Districts) local bodies were secured by Muslims. Both Muncipalities have denied civic amenities, funds for schools, garbage clearing etc., and sent notices in Urdu. Hindus were bluntly told convert to Islam if they wanted civic facilities.

2) On April 2003, an AIDMK leader from Pondicherry pointed in state assembly that "Hindu women were being prevented from wearing tilak, mangala sutra or flowers in their hair, the traditional attributes of married women in Tamil culture, all in the name of conversion; this was also impacting badly upon the social fabric".

3) The extremism in Kashmir resulted in 1/2 million Hindus living as refugees in their own country for more than a decade. India or World media never even pays attention. They are dying in large numbers. We lost Kashmir for all practical purposes. We are soon going to lose Assam and North East with vote bank politics of Sonia/UPA.

4) Hindus in Malaysia are recognising one day they get up to find out the temple in their corner street disappeared. Hindu temples are systematically destroyed across, perhaps at the insistence of Saudi Wahabi's.

5) On Oct 2005, three young daughters Reena, Usha and Rima of marriageable age of Hindu parents in Karachi vanished. In a few days, the shocked parents received a courier package containing three identical affidavits from their daughters stating that they had converted to Islam and, therefore, could not live with their Hindu parents.

6) The ongoing trend in Pakistan and Bangladesh indicates that the girls have been kidnapped, forcibly married, and coerced to convert, but as helpless Hindus in Pakistan, their parents have no hope for justice. And this can happen to any Hindu parent in Pakistan and Bangladesh.

7) A christian school teacher beat up a Hindu child for wearing Kum Kum in Hyderabad.

We are going to see more of these as conversions go on and vote bank politics carried to extreme. Children are being asked to convert to get into missionary schools which most middle class learnt to depend on extensively and demands are being made for Christians to be given reservation status. Hindus, particularly forward caste will be second class citizen of India.

What is for us to do? We are the cream of the country and if we set our mind to it, we will find ways to protest this. India is the only Hindu country (other than small Nepal) and except Israel which is Jewish, every other country with few exceptions are either Christian or Muslim. We will learn the hard way just as Jews learnt during holocaust that they had no country of their own to take shelter.

Please speak up, send email using technology, talk to board members of every organization, give presentations, join the groups protesting unfairness, and make a very strong statement to India that we will not tolerate this systematic destruction of 10,000 year old Hindu culture. Gandhiji used to say religion is like a mother. Our mother is being maimed, stripped, raped and destroyed.

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